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Your space, your vision.

It all starts with you: your brand, your corporate culture, your criteria, your ideas. Whether you’re relocating, renovating an existing venue or building a new one, the key is to identify what’s at your core so that your workplace aligns with your values.


At EFFE Disegno, our role — our passion — is to tune into your needs and goals as well as your vision, so we can deliver a space that looks and feels like your business while meeting all your functional requirements. A beautifully tailored space that will enhance productivity and performance, and make your clients feel welcome for years to come.


Our full-scope commercial design services yield longstanding results: the perfect match of modern and timeless. It brings us joy to create working environments that are as delightful to our clients — and to theirs — years later as they are on the day we complete the finishing touches.

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' Over the past 15 years I have had many occasions to work with Erika and I have always found her professionalism and enthusiasm sincerely refreshing.   Her forte is arriving at outstanding results for our mutual client base.  She raises the bar in terms of project execution and quality delivery by enabling those who assist her to understand each jobs requirements by providing precise details and by asking questions where necessary to ensure that everything is clear for her clients end objectives.  I have recommended her to my own clients as well and each time she has surpassed their expectations and built a loyal relationship at each occasion.  I feel that we are very fortunate to have the quality of services and creative vision that Erika provides our community. '



Morris Bell


Advanced Business Interiors

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