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our technical services

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Technical design takes beautiful, creative ideas and puts them in their place — in the detailed, organized contract documents that will realize your vision and hold contractors to a fixed price.

Once your creative design is complete, our team of interior designers and technical experts can start on your contract documents (which include your detailed drawings). EFFE Disegno works with leading architects and engineers, ensuring that each drawing complies with building codes and reflects all your design selections, so that your space will be built to spec and within budget.

Our technical design services include:


  • Architectural Site Verification

  • CAD (Computer-aided Design) Drawings

  • Construction Drawings & Specifications

  • Tender Drawings & Specifications

  • Building Permit Drawings & Code Compliance

Let's get started!   Contact us today.

' Thank you for your hard work on the drawings! They are very detailed and professional! I am very impressed with your work. '

Jennifer Meloche

Project Officer - National Accommodations, Safety and Security Directorate

Department of Justice Canada


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