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our management services

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Each commercial interior design project is a puzzle. Our management team makes sure that all the pieces fit together seamlessly.

EFFE Disegno’s management approach is all about synergy. Bringing together the right people to do what they do best. Overseeing qualified, talented contractors and suppliers as they collaborate with design professionals. Ensuring that the team functions as one synchronized unit working toward a common goal: materializing your vision according to our high standards.

Our management services include:


  • Construction tendering Coordination 

  • Engineering Coordination

  • Construction Contract  Administration (Addendums, Change Orders)

  • Project Management

  • Move Management


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' ... I am very pleased to have worked with you. Your organization and commitment to the project was the best I have ever seen. Anytime we needed anything, you answered the questions within 15 minutes. Thank you for all your effort '



Joshua Laginski


Frecon Construction

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